Friendship, Love and Downs.

Having a reminiscence of my past. Trust, respect, betrayal, love, honesty, commitment defines my past. My heart’s heavy, eye filled, mind weary and soul longing. Found succor reading from friends and this are what i got

“The pain you feel today is the strength

you feel tomorrow. For every challenge

encountered there is opportunity for

growth. Stay strong guys!” -how inspiring!

Then I concluded no matter what happens, que sera sera. Not long did I come across this soul-touching write-up

“(1) stay away from anger… It hurts…Only


(2) If you are right then there is no need

to get angry, and if you are wrong then

you don’t have any right to get angry.

3) Patience with family is love, Patience

with others is respect. Patience with self

is confidence and Patience with GOD is


4) Never think hard about the PAST, It

brings tears… Don’t think more about the FUTURE, It brings fears… Live this

moment with a smile, It brings cheers

5) Every test in our life makes us bitter

or better, Every problem comes to make

us or break us, The choice is ours

whether we become victims or victorious

6) Beautiful things are not always good

but good things are always beautiful

7) Do you know why God created gaps

between fingers? So that someone who

is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever

8) Happiness keeps you sweet so try n

be as happy from within as possible.

9) God has send us all in pairs…someone

somewhere is made for u…so wait for

the right time n right moment..”-relieved too?

Life is worth more of our smiles than our tears. Here is another tip by a friend;

“Don’t Love TOO MUCH,don’t Care TOO


because that TOO MUCH will ALWAYS

come back to HURT SO MUCH..”- sad but true!

Always remember, says a friend;

“If I can’t fly I’ll walk

if I can’t walk I’ll crawl

I don’t care how many times I


FORWARD is where I’m going. ..

trials n tribulations”

Through thorny ways lead to a brighter path.

I felt the great love from my blood-line friends. When you found the right one your downs are good as ups. There’s no end to Friendship, there’s no end to love.



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