Happy Birthday D’bee!

Today is the day…….
TEA celebrating with Deborah Achem.
“I have so much thought about you than usual in the past few weeks. I have come to really appreciate your kinda person and persona in general. Aren’t you just amazed at the way you’re made? You definitely should be!
Now you are adding another year of virtue, love and greatness. I wish you the very best in this new age. Everything you can ever think about good for you.”
TEA wishes you a happy Birthday!

TEA Celebrating Harmony…

“It’s always ideal to celebrate great people on great occasions.” -TEA

May each day in your life hence forth be full of love, happiness, health and kindness. Happy Birthday! Hope that you enjoy your birthday with family, friends, and those who’re dear, and have lots of fun and good cheer. May your birthday be filled with beautiful memories to cherish forever14749780641351475614500774

Brunch Reimagined in the Style of Five Iconic Artists — Colossal

Artisan Brunch series. Image inspired by Alexander Calder. (All images via Kyle Bean) For issue 24 of Kinfolk magazine, Designer Kyle Bean collaborated with photographer Aaron Tilley and food stylist Lucy-Ruth Hathaway to depict how famous artists might reimagine their weekend brunch spreads. The five sculptural works in the series Artisan Brunch balance pancakes and their toppings…

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