Christianity-The missing piece!


Have you ever wondered if religion is really what it poses? Maybe, you are not alone on this course of imagination. There are a lot of what we might call religion fallacy today. Let’s consider some of this missing pieces.


Here is the point of our argument: If the bible book of John chapter 10:30 says “I and my Father are one”  and Hebrews, in the new testament of the bible, says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” We will also take God the father to be same through all ages.

Every reasonable argument should be directed towards this fact and all scriptures may refute or support the proposed arguments. Now let’s start to consider them on after the other. This might open your eyes to what we call the restored truth:


  1. Why are there no more temples if God commanded Solomon to build him a temple spending over score year? by the laying on of hand if that was his prerequisite to be prophet or administer the gospel? see Hebrews 7
  2. Why are there so many beliefs and all claim to have an inheritance in the kingdom upon the principle of obedience to the gospel?

Remember, God is not an author of confusion and he will never be as far as He will be the same.


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